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Numerous industrial-, commercial- and service enterprises (conglomerates / global players as well as small and medium-sized businesses) belonging to the high-tech area/field have filled a lot of vacancies in Germany and abroad with our direct or indirect assistance and support. They constantly make use of our services as consultancy agency.

We are very pleased about the confidence of our satisfied clients. And we don't have others than satisfied clients.

For example, a track record of one decade binds us to Texas Instruments (www.TI.com). In close collaboration with TI, we have been able to fill numerous positions ranging from technical specialists to top management positions. We will be grateful to give you references while talking to you personally.

Do you have further questions on our secret of success? If we revealed it, it would not be a secret any longer. Therefore, our quintessence: expert knowledge, creativity and meticulousness have not hindered us on our way up till now.
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